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North Korea’s new young leader, Kim Jong-un, is married, state media said on Wednesday, putting an end to speculation over the relationship with a woman seen at his side during a recent gala.

The announcement, which fits a trend the upbeat Kim appears to have taken to break out of the dour management style of his father, Kim Jong-il, came just two weeks after he was seen at the performance accompanied by the woman, with rumors swirling as to whether she was his wife, lover or sister.

Some observers in South Korea speculated she was a singer he dated years ago before his father put a stop to it, but who was now back on the scene.

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This is a face that says, “Suck it, dad.”


NWT aviation company plans for fleet of futuristic blimps to haul cargo
For one Northwest Territories aviation company, the future is blimps. Last week, Yellowknife-based Discovery Air signed a preliminary agreement with British aviation startup Hybrid Air Vehicles to buy a fleet of futuristic dirigibles to haul cargo and supplies across the Canadian North

Costing $40-million each, the massive vehicles will be able to haul 50 tonnes of cargo, stay in the air for several weeks at a time and use a fraction of the fuel consumed by standard fixed-wing airliners.

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